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Audi Volkswagen Performance Products

Audi Volkswagen Performance Products

If you thought you couldn't love your Audi Volkswagen more, we have wide range of performance ehancement products to make your Audi, VW Volkswagen distinct from others.

This ensures that whatever be your requirements, in whatever quantities, we deliver them to you without any delay and in the best quality and pricing. At EDGE WORKS, we want to offer you the best prices, service and savings we can. We offer much more than just great prices but we do not want price to be a reason you choose our competitors.

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ECU Performance Tuning

ECU (Engine Control Unit) is the microproccessor that reads engine sensors output like RPM, Cam Angle, Crank Angle, etc and controls the engine performance by making inputs to the fuel to air ratio, ignition timing, variable valve timing, etc. "ECU Flash / ECU ReFlash / ECU ReMap", involves electronically erasing the current ECU program(engine control 'map') and replacing it with new, updated information / map.

In simple term, We do setting on your engine computer box to increase pickup, speed, power and torque.



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